No to hate

The sea of intemperate words turned cataclysmic
heated arguments rose like angry waves
fanaticism battered tolerance
the red-flag of religious bigotry
overwhelmed me with helpless rage
I retreated to my inner island
cold anger has chiseled my quill
it spells out the unpalatable truth.

Written for dVerse and wdys. Today’s host, Sanaa, says: Carve us a poem out of the word “Spell,” and make it precisely 44 words long, not counting the title ofcourse.

My furlough turned out to be much longer than intended. I had thought it would be easy to keep up with blogging while visiting my mom and brother’s family. With other siblings and their kids joining in, it turned out to be a fun family get together after three long years.
I don’t watch TV news but a completely avoidable controversial comment on religion, which brought international shame(and provoked this poem), sickened me to the core. I stayed away from writing to process my despair and anger. Today’s two prompts seemed the right vehicle to blog again.


59 thoughts on “No to hate

  1. That opening line is so so powerful, Punam! I can feel your emotions .. so palpable in your verse. Thank you so much for writing to the prompt.

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  2. A relatable poem, Punam. I don’t impose my beliefs on others. Why are some people so self-righteous that they believe they have “the truth” and have the right to “save” or convert others? Religions have essentially the same ethics. The rest is not worth arguing about. 🙂

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  3. Thanks Punam for sharing your thoughts in this very evocative poem. I too avoid the news but that news has hurt the feelings of millions all over the world and as you said was completely unnecessary and avoidable. I’m glad you had a fun time away from the blog with your family. Welcome back

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    1. I so understand that feeling of hurt, aapa! How can anyone be so insensitive is beyond my comprehension.
      Yes, it was great to be with the family. Thanks so much on all counts. Always a pleasure to join in.

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  4. Excellent poem that put that anger to good use – poetry is almost always a constructive outlet for emotions. I’m glad to see you here and to know that you are able to process your white hot anger so effectively!

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  5. Punam, I went to the article you linked to and it must have been bad, so bad that BBC wouldn’t repeat the quote. I’m so sorry your family time was marred by such blatant negativity that puts evil in the spotlight. Your courage and skill in speaking out are public services as you share the info and the outrage effectively.

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    1. Li, it was extremely derogatory. No one in their right mind would denigrate a religion to show theirs is superior. But sadly too many people are not in their right mind.
      Thanks a lot…I so appreciate your saying it is public service. Makes me feel empowered.

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      1. Punam, you are welcome, and the media is so often clogged with interference that we don’t have a chance to learn what is happening elsewhere. Hoping it sorts itself out peacefully, with the guilty parties being strongly sanctioned and booted out of any position of governmental power.


  6. Welcome back, Punam! I’m glad you were able to spend time with your family. I feel and understand your well-expressed emotions and anger. One would think we would know better by now.

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  7. I can feel your anger here. I never understand why the hateful people don’t just make the choice to say nothing. We can’t stop them hating; but we should stop them flaunting it.

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  8. I’m glad you had a good time with your family. Like others, I can feel your anger here, and I agree this is a good way to express it. There is definitely a rise in hate speech all over the world. Fanatics and bigots are everywhere.


  9. Gorgeous writing. I am curious about this quote though. Family reunions are not always the disasters we see on TV, even if those often have happy endings too.

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