Emerging from shadows

Day 31 OctPoWriMo

Prompt: Light, dark, shadow

Form: Free verse

The moon offers her light, quietly

just as darkness descends on me

I bathe luxuriantly in its gentle caress

with much fanfare the sun arrives

then gets busy casting its shadow

for it loves to play around with darkness

afraid of being blinded by the shadows of my soul,

drawing curtains, I sit cross-legged

ready to face my shadows one by one

I think we’re alone now,

there doesn’t seem to be anyone around

yet, I am in the icy grip of foreboding

here in the dark they appear translucent with gossamer filigree

I hesitantly extend my hand

to touch the shadows’ susurrus suppurating secrets

undressing them of my fears

I shiver at their vulnerable nakedness

undone and overflowing I bathe them

in tears of molten lava

they freeze at the static touch of my skin

wrapping them in scraps of love that I could muster

I begin the ritual of anointing them with acceptance

finally, embracing my darkness

I emerge from the shadows into light.


(With this, OctPoWriMo comes to en end. It has been a busy, exhausting month. Writing is a solitary activity but when we share what we write, we seek validation from our peers. It would not have been easy without the support of friends who were here every single day. Know that your presence means a lot to me. Thank you. ❤️

I would also like to thank fellow bloggers who dropped in whenever they could, reading everyday is not easy, I know. 🙏🏼

Tomorrow, I rest. 😀)

59 thoughts on “Emerging from shadows

  1. I love that Ritchie Cordell quote and now I have Tommy James in my head “running just as fast we can.” It’s been such a beautiful journey this month. Ending in shadows light and dark is perfect. And your exploration here is sheer genius!

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    1. Victoria, thank you so much. It has been such a glorious month of poetry and I have enjoyed reading your sublime poetry everyday.

      Thank you also for reminding me about the quote, I forgot to highlight it and link to Jim’s post. Must rectify post haste!


  2. and you can rest deeply knowing that you’ve shared such amazing wordsmithing and so much of yourself Punam! Plus befriending your darkside will bring untold rest 🙂

    Totally enjoyed this feast of creativity … rest now and then start publishing 🙂

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  3. The second read made me dig in deeper. The moon bath, sun casting its shadow, the two highlighted lines. Stunning poetry. You are fabulous with words and reaching the depth of the thought. Wow.

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  4. This makes me think about some things that have been on my mind a lot of late. Your poem draws a parallel connection with a poem I wrote a few weeks ago, but didn’t share on the blog. This feeling of longing to hide from our shadows and vulnerabilities, and yet wanting light to come in and set us free. No more hiding, no fear of judgment, no need to hide behind a mask.

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