54 thoughts on “Bittersweet

    1. Interesting form and transition of expression….love it…
      Is there anything bitter in experience….the truest truth in life? The defeat bears the sweetest aftertaste….to confide onto ears, yes, this time I suffered another defeat to secure the moment’s liberty from a hapless death….I secured the triumph of the precoous moment and enjoyed the suffering….as life is only a mission to complete through sufferings…..one door following millon doors of sufferings to let me realize the purity of enlightenment….the defeats shall take to me to the light……
      The confine of memories has long caged my soul….the illusions have long veiled the light that life yearns for….I shall only fly to the light….drawing air of all sufferings in my feeble wings….
      My regards

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      1. As always, your insight makes me look at my verse again in new light.
        Thank you kindly for your detailed comment. Much appreciated and so good to see you again.
        Best regards.


  1. Absolutely beautiful, Punam! The two stanzas are sort of a contrast to each other, but they accompany each other well as if they are two different parts or sides of the story. Lovely writing, as always. I enjoyed reading this thoroughly. ❀

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