The emperor

The emperor is without his clothes

but his blind followers can’t see that

he has hoodwinked them into thinking

he is attired in silken robes of sacrifice

the truth is, his naked

self-aggrandisement is flaunted proudly

fawning flunkies with fervid ferocity

denounce and denigrate all detractors that are

anyway abysmally few and far between.

He walks like the Colossus

striding over confidently ahead because

the rest behave like pygmies

he swats opposition like flies with vitriolic criticism

his street smart chutzpah has massive following

fed on the false promises of deliverance

they are in a trance like state

transfixed by the unnaturally flamboyant hubris

flammable and racist speeches

have turned them into rabid, misogynist trolls

spewing lies, deceit and hatred

If you are a passive bystander

brace yourself for apocalypse now!


53 thoughts on “The emperor

  1. The imagery you created is really disturbing (in a brilliant poetic way), that hopefully will awaken those silent bystanders and finally do something.

    And yes, it could be any country as most countries/territories nowadays have such leaders…

    May we all not be just a silent bystander.

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  2. Oh WOW Punam!! So so SO powerful! And so exquisitely written💛 You are amazing!

    “flammable and racist speeches
    have turned them into rabid, misogynist trolls
    spewing lies, deceit and hatred
    If you are a passive bystander
    brace yourself for apocalypse now!”
    The end was FIRE🔥

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  3. Ooh whoa, here I have to disagree. I get—people hate Trump for so many reasons—however….I’m not so sure they see what has been insidiously happening in our country for so long—and why so many of us do support him for what he is doing to right the ship.

    Our American democracy is in great danger—we are dangerously close to losing
    it to ideological extremism from the far left. It’s no secret there are those who want to “abolish America as we know it.” No. They weren’t expecting Trump. He messed up their plans. I for one am glad he came along and I’m not ashamed to say America may not be their ‘perfect’ Utopia—it’s better than that.

    Tearing it down through (may I say) misguided social revolution is not the way. The violence from the extreme left—happening right now as I write—is finally starting to show itself for what it truly is. And history is repeating itself again…

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    1. Thanks for sharing how you feel, Nina. This was not specifically about Trump. I don’t know much about America’s real political situation to comment on it.
      Such leaders are all over the world and quite a few local leaders are like the one I described. I can only write about my own experience and perspective and readers are free to draw parallels!

      Never meant to hurt anyone, ma! 🙏🏼❤️

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      1. Ahh…reading some of the comments here making the connection to Trump.

        Yes—I absolutely agree with you—and I think your analysis is spot on! I would say that it applies to many in power—especially those who think themselves virtuous. We are living in a crazy time. I just read something earlier—astrologically we are in a similar alignment as in 1920. Hmmmmm….coincidence?

        I actually do have great faith that all we are seeing now is exactly as it should be. Even the violence in these “peaceful protests”. What is happening to the north of me in Portland is shocking…but necessary too. Here in the south my husband and I are watching closely—as it affects us politically too.

        And I have to tell you—speaking of the apocalypse….and crazy dreams around the moon….I dreamt of the apocalypse and Trump. I’m still working out the meaning of the dream—but it was quite vivid!

        I know you don’t mean to hurt anyone, ma—and all can have their opinions. You touch many with your powerful words. That’s why I feel safe to share my thoughts with you! There is so much hate being spread—what I’ve been called is shocking. I hope for the best for both our countries—for our whole world.

        In The Bhagavad Gita God plays both sides of the battlefield. “Go to war” He tells Arjuna. But not because of hate—because of duty. “Be my instrument.” This is profound.

        Sending you love and hugs, dear friend. Thank you for letting me share with you. I know what I write isn’t very popular with many here.

        Hope you are feeling better and better every day. 💓😊🦋🙏🏻

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      2. I am sorry to know that you have been targeted here. Very shocking!! We should all have the freedom to express our opinions and disagree politely. Name calling is just not done.

        What is happening all around does not make much sense but maybe there is a larger design behind it, which will be revealed when the time is right and ripe.

        Karma is all about doing our duties selflessly and singlemindedly. We cannot decide the outcome.

        Please feel free to share your opinions here. Know that you are treasured. ❤️🤗

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      3. My dear, Punam—you are a treasure beyond words. 🙏🏻

        Here on WP—I’ve not yet been mocked. Yet. When I first started blogging I went to Twitter and there discovered just how angry and hateful the far left is. I made a comment on our First Lady’s page. I wrote “God bless you and your family” and then a barrage of hate came at me.

        Soooo….I took the opportunity to direct these twitters to my blog. “Before you bash me—get to know me”. Surprisingly, some actually came back to me and apologized.

        It seemed to me they just wanted to wear me down (silence me) by accusing me of being a racist and by mocking me. A mob would come. It was crazy! Emotionally draining. But I stood my ground and had a bit of fun too. I am not ashamed.

        But seriously—the violence in Portland right now is reaching a breaking point. They want ‘us’ to hate—to fight back. To make a civil war.

        Yes, I do believe there is a much larger design…and we will all come to know—in time. Patience. Karma doesn’t quit.

        Kali Yuga is the age of darkness before the emergence of the golden age, right? And I was told it is also the best age for spiritual awakening. I am grateful to be alive now and a witness to the madness. I am grateful to know you, ma!💓


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