The glitter and the razzamatazz
on the exterior
has most fooled most of the times
the clothes, the persona, the face I present ;
your perception of me
is based on what you see,
more importantly what you want to see!
a goddess, a doormat,
a whore, a punching bag,
a mother, a sister,
a daughter or a wife
an endless list of roles assigned,
that I never asked for!
but you never see me as me
without any suffixes or prefixes.
mired in the marsh of misconception
I start to believe what you think of me
I spend my life on the scraps
of so called freedom
that you begrudingly bestow
which in any case was never yours to give
or mine to ask
it was just there for everyone
and I should have taken it as my right
but I was made to believe
it is not right to question the status quo
so today when you ask who am I
I am as clueless as you!

What do you see # 42- 10 August 2020


94 thoughts on “Clueless

  1. Sometimes, we don’t even know ourselves. I LOVE the imagery and detail you put forth in this piece, Punam. It’s amazing, astounding, and very thoughtful of humanity and our nature. We have preconceived judgments about others. We can be right or wrong, but it’s how we form our internal impressions of that person that then influences how we interact with them, better or worse. You delineate that beautifully and hauntingly. Excellent, excellent piece. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

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    1. I am so happy you enjoyed it, Lucy. Sometimes we accept willingly the perception people have of us never trying to find who we are. But we owe it to ourselves to know self.
      Thank you so much.

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  2. profound and powerful take on this amazing prompt sis!

    we are all too quick to label and box without really looking within and so many women/carers do lose sight of who they are …

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  3. Wow! This is astonishing! I love the lines where you acknowledge “I was made to believe
    it is not right to question the status quo”. This is the lie women have been told for ages in every society and every era. It is finally becoming acceptable to grasp individual freedom and express who we are. Times change but it is a slow process – individually and for society.

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  4. Finding self…..It is the most important task for everything.
    I didn’t use everyone, but everything.

    A small ivy creeps up the largest tree…not to feel tallest, but show how determined it is.

    A mother mosquito on a constant yearn to suck the blood….for her offsprings.

    Somehow, we have to get out of the cocoon of expectation and fight our own battles and that’s how an identity is born.

    Fight hard…never give up…you will find what you have conquered.

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  5. A powerful and relatable piece Punam. Just last week was discussing this with hubby. As girls and eventually women are made to fit into a box by the society, which may not be what she wants. In the process of playing so many roles and trying to fit into that box, she at times loses her own identity.

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    1. So true, Radhika. It is not girls only who are boxed, boys are too! But it is girls who have so many restrictions imposed on them and are expected to take on many roles. Thank you so much, my dear. ❀️


      1. It’s been a nightmare…and I expect to be leaving blogging (see latest post). Much love to you ❀

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      2. We will hope together and see what happens–I appreciate your heart for me so much, Punam ❀ Thank you ❀

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      3. Thank you–sometimes there are just too many ‘things’ and we get overwhelmed. Blessings to you ❀

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  6. Ahhh Punam…this is why we advocate women to be empowered and to know their worth as a person and not based on the century old concept of what a woman should be..

    Powerful Punam

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  7. Oh my goodness Punam, this was amazing. You nailed it. Yes! Why do we assume all those roles? What are we trying to prove to ourselves? In the end there is no resume of life, just us not realizing who we really are and as a result our worth is diminished. β˜ΊοΈπŸ’•

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  8. Another of your own brilliant light!
    The trusted brother of the King drops her from the silent boat on the bank of Tamisaranya….leaves…the boat vanishes from a dot to null…she is alone with her arriving sons in the womb….life has a new tale now….to seek for truth only…through own realization…own commitment…devotion… unperturbed….
    The treachery of life begins and ends with sacrificing its purity against opinions…opinions travel with a pupose…mostly relying on own purpose….deadly enough to kill an innocent soul….spoiling with its signature ink…
    Take care

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing this tale. Some circumstances are beyond our control. Opinions should not be allowed to become our reality.
      Much appreciated.
      Best regards.


  9. Oh Punam! I love when the feminist in you comes out! And you are absolutely right – it isn’t just women and girls, but all of us no matter our gender or skin color or station in life – people put expectations and stereotypes on us that don’t fit who we really are. But do those other people really care to know who we really are? Do we want them to know? Sometimes, people are not deserving of our true selves. This is so well written! The humor you infused into this poem highlights the absurdity of accepting labels that we don’t assign to ourselves. Bravo, Punam!! I’m saving this one for my kids to read.

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    1. Your insights always broaden my narrow gaze, Irma! You are right, do we really want everyone to know who we really are? Thank you ever so much, sister of my soul. ❀️


  10. So often we do live by others ‘rules’ – from the moment we are born. We are torn to define what reality is. From family dynamics to present politics. A few are lucky enough to see and use their talents without restrictions. Who am I? Such a good and poignant question.

    Let us all be a bit rebellious in a good way and allow creativity to flow for healing πŸ™‚

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  11. It is this quest for who i am that started menon this journey of mind, behavior, psychology… It is indeed a beautiful journey …. asking myself question after question just that my questions are in prose……. and not auch beautiful poetry! Amazing piece!

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