The vortex of living sucks me in feet first

though I duck, I still bump my head

feeling giddy and sometimes bewildered

trying to catch my out of breath, breath

I wish, at least for a while,

everything would come to a standstill

frozen, suspended in time

for me to hold life in my palms

to bask in the sunlight

to soak in the moonbeams

to gather nebulae in my arms

to plant dreams next to the lilies and not the roses

to save them from being snagged by the thorns

and then check my manual

on how to surpass obstacles strewn around

but life like a circle in a spiral, spins relentlessly

all notions of stability are turned upside down

whether I keep pace or fall by the wayside

I resign myself to being led by it

for life has a deadline to meet

‘cos if it were to stop, so would renewal!

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt “Renewal” May 25, 2020

52 thoughts on “Life

    1. Despite the fact that lockdown has me at home all the time, I find I hardly have time for myself! Phew!
      It is heartening to know my words could make you feel what I am feeling. I am always touched beyond words by your compliments. ❤️❤️


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