The kitchen goddess

The domestic diva will not settle for anything less,

no shoddy shortcuts for her

she is almost maniacal in her perfection quest!

however tedious the classic recipe maybe

she will reference all old forgotten ones

to create a totally new entrèe!

gossamer like spun sugar decorations

just right acidic tones in the fruit tart

cooking, her true vocation!

her ability to nose around for new cuisines is journalistic

magic with a twist of her wrist

culinary experiments so cathartic!

48 thoughts on “The kitchen goddess

  1. This reminds me so much of my Dadi and Nani! Even when I visit then today, I find my Dadi reading some magazine for new recipes, and my Nani making ever so delicious dhoklas and what not! I absolutely loved the poem Punam! I was smiling the entire time❤❤

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      1. ha promises promises, I had planned to go to Nepal early June and then visit India and Malaysia on the way back … but something happened, now what was that?

        Just as well as I don’t have the funds together 😎

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