She sat in rapt attentionat the open air midnight soireeenthralled by the elegance of the lyrical verse flowingfrom the mystic poet’s lipsbathing her parched soul with a longing so intense!when his ballad spoke of
death and partingit creased her delicate browand for a heart-stopping moment she was awashwith a feeling of deja vuas if listening to her own obituary, many moons agowhen the amethyst sky was suffusedwith a million celestial bodiesyet the eerie cawing of corvids could be heardas her soul had ascended the heavens!shuddering involuntarilyshe came back to the presentwas it a dream, a nightmare
or a premonitionof the tragedies to befall!she yearned for days of tranquility when life was not complicated.

75 thoughts on “Presentiment

  1. The power of poetry to transport…
    β€¨β€œshe was awash
    with a feeling of deja vu
    as if listening to her own
    obituary, many moons ago”

    The whole poem has a mystical feel to it. Loved it ❀️❀️

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      1. I think you misunderstood me. I’ve been down and you’re poem brought me up. It inspired me πŸ’œ I’m delighted you’re feeling well! You write beautifully.

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  2. May we rise up with dignity to our current challenges.
    May all those souls who for what ever reasons have ascended be remembered for their best memories and blessings.

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