Solitude (revised)

When the world becomes too much for me

I prefer then to be with only me

When the mind flounders in the shallows of din

It is best then, to retreat within

No company can be better than your own

To be able to explore own facets unknown

For that you have to leave your baggage behind

Calm all your senses and have an open mind

Quieten the voices clamouring to be heard

Listen to the inner silence, be deaf to the world

Solitude is a wonderful place to be

When you are in touch with only me

The quietude, the silence, the nothingness around

Is necessary to balance the hubbub all around

With too many voices and opinions crowding you in

It is better to log out instead of staying plugged in

No intrigue, no suspense just a feeling of calm

Enjoy isolation without a qualm

Nature walks, gardening or meditation

Whatever it takes to keep you from frustration

Listen to yourself, sing or read

Enjoy your own company to feed your need

Once you are again in touch with self

Go reconnect with the world and forget yourself.

This is one of my early poems. I thought it a good time to post a reworked version.


70 thoughts on “Solitude (revised)

  1. This is a great piece. A lesson we all should follow every once in a while. Solitude and connecting with oneself helps abate so much clamor in the head. πŸ‘

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  2. Yes, this was the perfect time to post such a poem. Beautiful, and I feel the same… such a well-penned reminder. Thank you, dear Punam. :)))) ❀️

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      1. Post goes up at midnight here, Pacific Standard Time–not sure when you’ll get it. Thanks in advance for pushing me nicely to finish the poem I began πŸ™‚ ❀

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  3. This is a beautiful verse! Solitude is something I so passionately love and love to dwell in. This poem strikes a chord!
    I am wondering how did I miss a gem of your blog! I am discovering your posts. They are beautiful.

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