Broken dreams

I look at my skinned knees

raw from crawling over

the jagged edges of reality

retrieving broken dreams

does no one any good

the salt from my eyes stings them

but they continue to lie prone

so I lay them away

from the escarpment

I won’t be surprised if

they fall off the precipice again

to be shattered and

scattered all over

and I reconcile myself

to the inevitability of stark truths

but if even one does

manage to resurrect itself

it will be a reason to revel

for dreams keep us alive.

35 thoughts on “Broken dreams

  1. So touching Punam my dear, dreams can seem so far away, unrealistic, and impossible….but in the same breath, they inspire us, motivate, and can beautiful journey. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ Sending lots of love and hugs my dear! 🙂

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  2. I love the image of skinned knees and jagged reality and then the hopeful ending! You really have a knack for painting a bleak picture then letting in that ray of sunshine at the end!

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