This is not a dirge for my shattered dreams,

Nor a lament for my unrealised wishes,

I just want to finally bury, my callow fantasies, 

That spurred me on my onward journey.

Youth painted a spangled vision

With warm and vibrant hues.

Reality dulled the colours and the spangles proved tacky,

Dashing to smithereens some of my hopes.

Heartbroken and at times teary-eyed,

I  gathered all the broken shards 

And kept them in safekeeping 

As mementos of my youthful past,

Of innocence lost and

Of hard knocks life mete out to me.

I don’t rue the unfulfilled dreams

For not all dreams can come true,

But it crushed my idealism, romanticism and my naivety,

That was the bedrock of all my aspirations.

I am older now and hopefully wiser,

I realise the futility of carrying this burden.

So, I have decided to give a decent burial

To dreams that could not turn to reality.

I mourn not the loss, for I learnt important lessons

The most important; to travel sans baggage.

I now look forward to the rest of the journey

With fewer expectations and a lighter heart.


10 thoughts on “Burial

  1. Yaar you seem to write what I am going through right now but can’t get thru the baggage part😢😊


  2. Wow! This journey of life get better and better as be lighten the baggage. So we’ll expressed. You are great.


  3. This was really a stunning poem! Thank you for sharing your heartfelt journey and dealing with your dreams and expectations! There is a certain pensive sadness with having to let go of the “disappearing dreams of yesterdays” but it forces us to face the future a little more realistically. Seems our choices are forks in our road and as we choose we foreclose some of our dreams.

    Loved your last lines – “I now look forward to the rest of the journey, With fewer expectations and a lighter heart.” Seemed a little melancholy to have to have “fewer expectations”. Maybe “different and better” expectations? Ha! Don’t mind me!

    Come see me on my blog?? You can sample my works with “The Best of 2017”!

    Super, duper post!


    1. Thank you so much for such a detailed comment. Perhaps when I wrote this one I was a tad pensive but I am usually a very positive person.
      Will surely check out your blog.
      Keep reading.


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