This Diwali

I am done with cleaning the house,

I am done with buying and giving gifts,

I am done with seeking validation,

I am done with pleasing others,

I am done with looking for happiness,

I am done with deciphering meaning in the written word,

I am done with being inspired by the spoken word,

I am done with finding peace and calm without.

This diwali, I am lighting a light within.

Seeking all answers from within,

Looking for happiness within,

Finding the eluding peace within.

For only I know what lies within.

Let’s all this diwali discover the self

And let its bright light shine through.

Happy Diwali.


15 thoughts on “This Diwali

  1. Very nice. Lighting the light within is the key to a peaceful life. You have expressed it beautifully.


      1. It does sound like it! I love the holidays, our Thanksgiving and then Christmas and New Year’s. Do you enjoy fireworks on New Year’s like we do?🙏💖

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