A bloom

Imprisoned in an unsightly grey high rise,
marring the already mauled skyscape
all around are brooding concrete fortresses
seemingly sinking, barely able
to bear their own unbearable weight.

the sun skulks behind
the grey, almost opaque veil
the moon wrings her hands
and sighs ineffectually
far away from the seas that
could have helped in ablutions
the pristine snow clad peaks
only glimmer prettily in pictures
not a whiff of breeze, not a leaf dances.

malodorous thoughts tighten their lasso
I wheeze, coughing abruptly
darkness in heart, dampness on cheeks
mired in melancholy’s mawkishness
I am startled by my friend,
the raucous one-eyed crow,
creating a symphony in the balcony.

as I step out to say hello to him
my eyes fall on the tiny
yellow bloom in the corner
not just promising a succulent tomato
but holding out a promise of tenacity and growth
gently prying apart the clouds of despondency
the smog triggers another bout of coughing
as I go back inside to the pervading
greyness sans the miasma
moroseness follows. Today, I will prevail.

Written for dVerse. Today’s guest host Dora says:  in the middle of all the holiday activity, whatever it may be, imagine a moment of pausing, a still point of epiphany. Perhaps in that moment, you imagine the upshot of all that shopping and experience a revelation. Or on that DMZ line of the soul’s religious yearning, an unexpected moment of truth. You can write using any poetic form, whatever suits.
What would having an epiphany during this holiday season look like for you (or someone you know or imagine)?


56 thoughts on “A bloom

  1. Well done Punam! Tenacity – a quality of nature that allows plants to find purchase in the cracks of cement or the one-eyed crow to thrive amid the concrete jungle. That we imitate nature is good – that we hope even better!

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  2. Punam,
    Truly, you write like an angel, my dear. “I am startled by my friend,/the raucous one-eyed crow”: a voice calling to promise, hope, tenacity, growth embodied in a “tiny yellow flower.” The last line is bold and effective, your spirit coming through like lightning on a cloudy day. The imagery is intense and gripping to good effect, especially in the first half, laying the groundwork to what comes. I especially liked: “concrete fortresses” “barely able/to bear their own unbearable weight,” “not a whiff of breeze, not a leaf dances/malodorous thoughts tighten their lasso,” and “gently prying apart the clouds of despondency.” Beautifully done, my friend. You prevail.

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    1. Dora, I can’t tell you how heartening your words are! My surroundings are not beautiful enough to inspire but I can only write about what I see. Thank you, thank you so much! In the short time that I have known you, I have come to admire your writing, so this means a lot. ❤️

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  3. Powerful stuff…and yet, like the little yellow bloom, you will stand firm….v nicely done..

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  4. can’t imagine how tough it is in a grey tower with all that unhealthy smog … nature is always a bearer of life and hope whatever form it takes! Glad you have a crow and tomato plant but might be best to stay indoors until the smog clears … powerful writing, vivid imagery, you took us right there sis 🙂

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    1. At this time of the year north India, especially Delhi is bad. Same story every year. We are in a sort of lockdown again. If my writing could take you there, my job is done. Thanks a lot, sis. 🙂

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