Ode to friendship

When I got to know you

we were barely five or four

there might have been others before you

I scarcely remember if them I did adore!

What bound and united us then

remains difficult to explain till date,

we are as different as chalk and cheese

so maybe it was karma or plain fate!

I was dark, skinny and quite shy

you tall, fair, pretty and brainy to boot

all things considered

we were mismatched, to tell you the truth!

We were never the ones to take things lying down

together we were sisters in arms, having each others back

your enemy was mine too, as was mine yours

taking up the cudgels for each other, we often cut each other slack!

Despite marriage, kids and distance

this unlikely alliance has survived till date

we have remained committed to our friendship

though along the way we gathered many a mates!

We may not meet often but our bond gives us comfort

for first friendship is like first crush

it can never be easily forgotten

years may have gone by, it is still in its first flush!

VJ’s Weekly Challenge #123: warrior

What do you see # 58- 30th November 2020


56 thoughts on “Ode to friendship

  1. What a coincidence that you wrote about friendship today when i lost a dear friend yday!
    There is no comfort greater than the friendship of school-time. Those are tbe ones who know you without the veils that we so unknowingly and sometimes hurriedly adorn over the years…. They know you for who you truly are… And unabashedly call you out on that too!

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