Does it even matter?

Limited vocabulary
Implications abound
Convoluted logic
Absurd conclusions
Hyperboles thrive
Does it even matter?

Obscure catchphrases
Couched in metaphors
Impressions bedazzle
Meaningless jabber
Touting lost causes
Does it even matter?

A prophet astride
A mountain of lies
Pontificates on death and life
Frenzied oohs and ahs
By fawning followers blind
Does it even matter?

Whigmaleeries waddle
To snatch limelight
All eyes trained
On what is bright
Blinding common sense
Does it even matter?

Much maligned emotion
Treated as a deity
Worshippers bow
With saccharin sweetness
Diabetics all
Does it even matter?

Crisp words sacrificed
At the altar of fame
The verbose warbler
Spewing homilies
Captivates the vacuous
Does it even matter?

35 thoughts on “Does it even matter?

  1. It shouldn’t matter, but it does. It matters because people seem to have thinking for themselves and just eating the pablum given to them, even if they are presented facts that prove the lies told to them. That’s sad! Wonderful poem. Great question!

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