The process (if any!)

My overcrowded mind is unable to assimilate more words

I can see them teetering on the edge of the ledge of my consciousness

then falling into the cracks without a splash

disappearing into turbid oblivion forever

sardonic voices mock my inability

to string those words meaningfully

but I am helpless, I find my hair tangled in the branches of past

stopping me from soaring to greater heights

to see the future clearly I need to rid

my present of all remnants of reminders

I shear away my hair, cutting all ties

unsnarl my toes, rooted in shifting sands of uncertainty

to shed the unnecessary load I had been lugging

in the harsh light of blazing sun, my unfettered brain

unites with my words; I see flowers blooming in inky blackness

finally free verses flit from my fingertips to your lips

before alighting on a blank page, making it home.

35 thoughts on “The process (if any!)

  1. So many beautiful phrases and images within this Punam, that describe that struggle of the poetic process in a way that does it justice. My favourite:
    β€œfinally free verses flit from my fingertips to your lips”
    Stunning as always ❀️❀️

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    1. Well, it so happens that that was the first line I wrote and constructed the rest of the poem around it! Thank you so much, my dear! Your encouraging words always inspire me. ❀️❀️
      I hope you are doing well.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Happy weekend to you too my friend. And in other comments I see someone has mentioned an author interview. What???!!!! Where is this, and how HOW have I missed this?? I’m going to have to go hunting for it! ❀️❀️

        Liked by 1 person

      2. This has made my evening!!! I just wanted to keep reading! You are so true to yourself, and I think that shines through in every single word you write. This interview just consolidates that to me. Plus, you are very very humble!! Happy to call you my friend ❀️❀️

        Liked by 1 person

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