Love can be so stubborn at times

Singing without an audience

Persisting in spite of rebuffs

Ignoring its relative demerits

Turning a blind eye

To the tell-tale signs of retreat

Not knowing that

Unrequited love is

Radioactive waste

Noxious and odious

That should be jettisoned

on the double.

27 thoughts on “Unrequited

  1. Not all love can be reciprocated for one cannot force it. Still, the one who loves but does not enjoy it in return, suffers greatly and such radioactive fallout should be jettisoned. A wonderful use of prompts, Punam.

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  2. Well, I wasn’t expecting radioactive waste to show up in a poem about love.

    In all honesty, however: this is true, and the suggestion at the end is exactly what is required at all times. Trouble is, people take this to mean “stop loving them!” No, it means love them in different ways, love them in ways that will be requited because you deserve to be loved, also.

    Suggestion box.

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