I am no Atlas

I may seem self sufficient

I may look strong

I may multi – task

I may work hard and long

But I do get tired

My poor feet hurt too

Sometimes it’s difficult

Most times I have no clue

Yet I plod on doggedly

Though I may be hurting inside

I try to be outrageous

But I am a bewildered child

You may find me cheap

So I lock away all feelings

Because I so want this world to think

I am so, so stunning

And then one day realisation dawns

I may try my best to please all

My every step is noted

Everyone’s waiting for my fall

This enrages me so much

That I refuse to break

I decide to live my life

As I envisage

No more toeing lines

No more capitulation

If I can’t live on my terms

You can hug your damnation

Now you may think of me

As a case gone all wrong

I do things on my terms

For this alone I was born

Don’t burden me with social mores

And unrealistic expectations

I am a wild, wildflower

Not greenhouse carnation

I can survive in this big, bad world

Without your advice though

Yes, I am fragile yet tensile

But I am no Atlas, you know!

30 thoughts on “I am no Atlas

  1. It’s a funny thing about advice: we all survive with or without it. As usual, great work with the prompts and I love the title – none of us are capable of carrying the world on our shoulders, yet, many of us try (sometimes of our own volition but more times at the behest of those we are surrounded by). Great piece, my friend!

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  2. “Everyone’s waiting for my fall”….this is so true. Everybody’s eager to see somene fall…and i like it that you said “You can hug your damnation”…

    Liked by 2 people

      1. our voices are there, we can’t hide what we are really passionate about. there must be a certain degree of honesty in writing. while not revealing too much, the feelings must be sincere I suppose

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