Love Games

Let the love games begin

You may partake if you want

It is not mandatory

Comes with a caveat

It is a rough game

Can leave you bruised

and scarred for life

With a shattered heart

requiring a lifetime of nursing.

If you are lucky, you may find love

But it comes at a cost

You may have to give up individuality

and it does not promise
a smooth run forever

You may be a hero one day

on another, a sinner

There are no winners,
all losers

For you win only when you lose heart

If you don’t want your heart broken

You can be a mere spectator

But there is no guarantee

that you will avoid heartbreak

For the heart seems to heed no one

So, let the love games commence

And fear not the consequence.

13 thoughts on “Love Games

  1. Yes, this is the way it is. If you fear it, then stay away, otherwise, you’re all in. Great use of the prompts.

    Liked by 1 person

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