Wild Plant

It was just a common wild plant

With unusual leaves

He found it in his backyard

And tended it tenderly

It bloomed under his expert care

He was proud of this novelty

And lavished all attention

From a nondescript plant

It became a cynosure of all eyes

Then one day, a similar plant

Sprouted in the neighbour’s garden

After all it was just a wild plant

Heart broken that it was not a rarity he had thought

He uprooted the plant and threw it on the roadside

The poor, common plant

Lies there dying, wondering

What wrong did it do?

21 thoughts on “Wild Plant

  1. Perhaps it was more about the other garden and not the plant itself. This is so beautifully penned. Oh, and thanks for cynosure – a new word for me!

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      1. You are doubly welcome! There are always casualties in gardening and perhaps it was the plant’s fate to suffer so.

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  2. I think the gardener just wanted something special, unique only to himself. It’s unfortunate because I don’t think we unique things in life, I think it’s only our interpretation that’s unique. Either way, I’m sorry for the little plant, it might not have been unique but it still bloomed under the gardener’s care.

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