Persephone’s daughter

The saga continues from centuries ago
this flower of spring blooms
under the shade of her mom’s thumb
her dad rides roughshod over her dreams
promises her in matrimony without her consent
her husband lords ove her life
dark clouds hover over their nuptial bed
she is celebrated asĀ  bountiful and loving
in reality she matters not a whit
kept in a gilded cage she cannot escape
never allowed to be who she wants
she is the husk of a woman
chafing to be her own person
she is Persephone’s daughter

Born again and again as her mother.

Sarah at dVerse pub asks us yo take inspiration from Persephone’s myth and says, ” Give me a poem that bubbles up from this mixed up family saga, a poem that smells of spring, or is touched by the dark fingers of the lord of the dead.”