Time, O Time, do wait!
it cannot be curtains yet
some chapters are still left
the body may be but a mound of sand
ravaged by time’s waves
but the heart smoulders still
with many a pain to feel alive.

Time, O Time, do wait!
don’t be waylaid by the sagging shoulders
nor by papery wrinkled skin
I do gasp for breath sometimes
as they bunch in my rheumy chest
but ties of blood do help me up
their cheery voices call out to me
I think not it’s time yet

Time, O Time, don’t wait any longer!
I think I have lingered enough
death refuses to meet my eye
wavering in and out of clouds of fogginess
I hang heavy on everyone’s time
promise me an encore in another lifetime
’tis time to finally rest.

Written for Sadje’s wdys and Eugi’s weekly prompt.


Those were the times…

we were young and the times were heady
the future glowed rosily
through the beauteous rose-tinted glasses
as giddy-headed clouds raced against time
we lay squinting at the sun
lacing our fingers, weaving sugar-spun dreams

sadly we forgot to bottle and preserve those sunny times
lugubrious clouds of discontent hang heavy
hiding the affirmations badly needed
harsh realities of living are the sodden blanket
that leave us shaking and vulnerable
sitting on the edge of twilight zone of living
I wonder if the luxury of oblivion will envelop us
if only for a while!