I weep not for me

I weep not for me

I can endure the pain you give me

I am eternal and immortal

even when destroyed, I reinvent myself

under that gushing waterfall

do you see that lone tear

silently slipping down?

It is for you

for what you have become

for the depths to which you have plunged

your life tangled

in the brambles of living

your naked wantonness

circling like ravens and crows

if only you had been

intelligent like them

been without fears and prejudices

you wouldn’t have caused

so much misery to yourself and me

I will recover and replenish myself

what pains me is that you call me mother

then attribute retribution as one of my qualities!

which mother would harm her child!

I weep for you my child

for what you have become

your uncontrollable greed and hubris

has brought you to the brink

step back my child

mend your ways untangle yourself

I wait for you with open arms

I weep not for me!

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Corvid-2020 Weekly Challenge #13