Revisiting (a quadrille)

The garish red-pink paint
covering familiar grey stucco quaint
gone the banyan; our silent lunch mate
that stood near the gate
unknown faces in the library ( my shrine)
my school, no longer seemed mine
but when the bell rang
my poor smote heart sang!

Written for dVerse. Today’s host, Kim, has asked us to write a quadrille including the word bell in it.


School it is!

The consent form for offline classes lies open on the desktop. To send or not to send is the dilemma we face. Our fourteen year old was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes a few months ago. He is excited at the idea of going back to school finally. But should we expose him to the possibility of infection? Is it worth the risk! I can’t overlook the fact that he is listless and inattentive during online classes. Missing live interaction with teachers and classmates. The most voluble student with a hundred queries now skulks in the virtual classroom.

He decides it is time for him to reclaim his life. With masks and sanitizers and the school staff completely vaccinated, we are ready to take a chance, albeit with trepidation!

The sun still burning
clouds chasing each other
could children do so

Written for dVerse. Frank Tassone says: Whether you begin a new school year yourself, you send your first (or last) to college, or you recall your own back to school adventures, write your haibun alluding to back to school!