Two to begin with!

Happy to share that two of my poems got published!

The one for Visual Verse you can read here.

The other for the Indian Periodical you can read here. For the context to this one, you can read here or watch this and this.

Thank you always for your support.

Father, o father!

Why do you despair so?

So what if your income keeps dwindling

Your woes continue to grow!

Father, o father!

Why do you contemplate suicide?

Your job is to grow for nation

Think not of your family’s cries!

Father, o father!

Why don’t you till your fields?

Though gathered at the gates of the capital

Lie ignored the hand that feeds!

Father, o father!

The laws are for your own good

So what if the provider to others

Goes to bed without food!

Father, o father

Why with the government do you fight?

Your job is to till, till your death

Do your duty don’t ask for your rights!

Father, o father

How come you are dressed so well?

Where did you learn to speak English

Why don’t of dirt and sweat you smell?

Father, o father

How do you survive the biting cold?

The fire that rages in your hearts

Is raring to finally explode!

Father, o father!

Why are you invisible to the common man?

His nose is buried in the humdrum of living

He forgets to matter as man!