A harangued homemaker holds forth

I am taken aback by the hiss of dissent
an angry spluttering follows
splattering me with icy coldness
on this mellow winter morning!

I try again
this time there is empty noise
the hissing continues
with a bit of frothing at the mouth!

I exclaim loudly in anger
muttering profanities under my breath
I should have taken the nut brown appearance yesterday
as a portent of things to come!

The tear shaped drop hanging precariously
clinging for life to the faucet
seems to smirk at my tears of frustration
adding to the unmitigated covid anxieties!

We don’t get any snow
nor was there scheduled repair work
how dare the water I take for granted
play hooky at will to throw my life out of gear!

Frantic calls hither and thither
reveal the vile, bitter truth
the rising ammonia levels had forced
the water board to halt the supply!

The dry tap seemed to mock me
reprimanding me for my callousness
had I had a strategy and been a prudent user
I wouldn’t have faced this shortage!

The sink full of dirty dishes look on defiantly
(I had not done them inspired by Susi!)
leery laundry languished
my home suddenly looked a mess!

With a sigh I flop down dejected
glad that the rest of the flock was snugly asleep
without the morning cuppa
my mind still in the realm of foggy understanding!

I send prayers to the lord I don’t believe in
I rashly promise to be more woke
I mentally tie a knot
to remember to store water henceforth!

As the arms of the clock inch closer
to the time of wfh schedule
I make one more trip to the tap
to cajole it to spring forth!

And miracles of miracle!
water gurgles grudgingly, then gushes
taking mercy on my predicament
I sink at the sink with heartfelt thankfulness.


( If the poem doesn’t make much sense, please tap on the link above for the challenge for which it was written)