My Life a Conundrum

“What do you do the whole day?”

Is a refrain I often hear

As if staying at home, I just while time away

Which is such a non sequitur!

“You are free the entire day!”

Exclaims my little one indignantly,

“And I have to study throughout the day!”

Is what I am told incessantly.

“Look up these papers will you?”

Calls up hubby from his work

And in case I am unable to do,

The job of a dutiful clerk

“You had the complete day to play finder!”

Is his quick, witty rejoinder.

This whole day that I am free

Starts at 6 am and ends at 12.30 am.

With two half hour breaks for me

To disrupt the continuous tedium.

When you are cook, tutor, driver washerwoman,

Nurse and occasionally maid

You wish for the powers of a superwoman,

To tackle all the chores for which you are never paid!

From morn till night

Like millions of people worldwide

I toil at my job diligently

The house is clean, there’s food on the table

The children brought up well

The finances are all stable.

Yet why am I stuck with mislabel

As if I am differently able!

So now to the query, “What do you do?”

I have a smart rejoinder,

With a jaunty toss of my head

I say, “Oh! I am a freelance writer!”

Theirs eyes go wide and wisely they nod their head

Now you all will somewhat agree

This is no mean feat by any degree

It may be a motley group of followers

But why should I tell

Let them think I hobnob with scholars

And that I have a faithful clientele!

(A few days ago Robyn had written a post, I so identified with, and I had told her I would dig out this old post for her! So Robyn this is for you, me and other “homemakers“!)