To my readers

(From Pexel)

All humans desire fame
I too want to make my name
frenetically I write verses everyday
to become famous one fine day
finally I have found an audience
who do not consider me a nuisance
who applaud each verse I post
to every poem they raise a toast
they effusively praise and warmly support
don’t ever stop writing, they exhort
magnanimously they overlook grammatical errors
the wrong syntax and occasional spelling terrors
benevolently attributing it to auto check
they allow my mistakes to flourish unchecked
let me extend heartfelt thanks to one and all
who very kindly and patiently read and don’t bawl
Very sweetly they have bitten their tongue or stubbed their finger
never do they on my shallow thoughts linger
now ain’t that the mark of great hallowed saints!
I bow my head in reverence to this practice quaint
mutual respect is the name of the game
and we have all excelled at it for a few minutes’ fame
let publishers turn down my work at will
they know not what gives me thrills
I am an uncut gem they cannot recognise
only if like my readers they were wise
to be published and famous is the ultimate goal
I will self publish, I sure can play that role!

Written for dVerse. Today’s host Sanaa says: let’s have fun while writing a Panegyric poem. It doesn’t necessarily have to be very long. For purposes of the prompt as well as everybody’s ease, I am leaving the length up to the discretion of the Poet.

The theme can be anything, as it’s a poem of “effusive praise,” go ahead and explore where the idea takes you. Feel free to write about nature or perhaps a favorite author, artist or poet. The possibilities are endless.

(I took inspiration from Dryden’s Mac Flecknoe and Henry Carey’s Namby Pamby which are satirical.)


La life sans frivolity

There they sat, on a high pedestal
considered an epitome of good virtues
Gandhi’s three monkeys they were fondly called
gifted inanely to all as preferred statues!

Tired of being good and shunning evil
one fine day they decided to go away
hatched an impudent plan so audacious
all by themselves they flew to the US of A!

City of Las Vegas their chosen destination
they wanted to make the most of their trip
the idea of casino hopping filled them with glee
suited and booted they went to the strip!

As they sat excitedly on the blackjack table
their eyes widened at the opulence around
the amount of money exchanging hands there
pleonexia running rampant totally unbound!

Uncomfortable with the vices that had a free run
all around them corruption was rife
quickly they covered their eyes, ears and mouth
see, hear, speak no evil was a better mantra for life!