Apprehension in the air

Trouble brews afresh
turning the blue skies red
sun sidles behind
the diaphanous haze
of disquietude
scared songbirds scatter
schizophrenically; portents of quietus
democracy and disease
stalk life. Angsty but dejected
youth look out for
a messiah to deliver
unaware of the saviour within.

In India omicron has been given a carte blanche with the decision to hold elections in five states in February and March. The virus is, as it is, going dizzy with delirium here because 1.38 billion people live cheek by jowl. We are a happy hunting ground for the Virona!

All slay the miny Virona!

(Narrative Nonsense)

All slay the miny virona!

No huffling, no puffling, no ruffling of breeze
No warignal of it in the beginning
Except sniffs and snivels and maybe a sneeze!

Slyowly fever in some bodies did seize
The infernal virona was suddenly flourishing
No huffling, no puffling, a slight ruffling of breeze.

We blamed everyone’s aunt, as well as the Chinese
Masking reluctrily as via air it was travelling
More than sniffs and snivels and a whole lot of sneezes!

Knights in white coats toiled coavidly without cease
As the miny virona went merrily globe trotting
No huffling, no puffling, mighty ruffling of breeze.

Jabbing aggressively is the only way to freeze
The hopkip journey of this thingamajig
Attacking us with sniffs and snivels and maybe a sneeze!

Time to attwart its relentless sprees
Our weapons distancing, masking and jabbing
No huffling, no piffling but ruffling of breeze
Defighting sniffs, snivels and that darn sneeze!

Written for dVerse MTB. Today’s host, Björn, says: follow your own heart and amuse us all, you can use any poetic device you want to use, rhyme, repetition, alliteration. I would be super glad to see if anyone comes up with a nonsense Villanelle for instance.