Culinary therapy (a Rimas Dissolutas)

when you are in commune with what you consume
eyes drink in all the hues
the deepest, the darkest and the most vibrant
promise mouthful ecstasy luscious!

Tantalizing textures on the tongue bloom
aromas in the air diffuse
the acrid, the pungent and the fragrant
a melange of flavours, so audacious!

The sizzle, the crackle and the pop make me swoon
the gentle simmer flavours fuse
the crunch and ooziness never subtle but blatant
susurration of sassy and scrumptious!

Cooking is therapy most benevolent
mindful meals; meditative measures!

Written for dVerse. Today’s host, Sanaa, says: Write a poem using the poetic form “Rimas Dissolutas.” The choice of topic is entirely up to you.

Ties that bind, bonds that gag! (OctPoWriMo)

(From Pexel)

Day 18

Prompt: Breaking bread with family

Form: Double exposure

At last overdue family dinner

Cooking in the family was a rage

A dessert that was always a winner

They hoped their touch would take the centre stage

Baked with loving care to a perfection

Secretly dying to outdo each other

Everyone’s favourite yum confection

Festival fitting excuse to gather

Gingerly they tasted each other’s dish

Siblings and their brood coming together

Neutral face not showing they did relish

With fake smiles tried jealousy to smother

Forgetting their worries to celebrate

Their wise mother shook with inner laughter

Unable to each other tolerate

Blood sure sometimes is thinner than water.

( I have had a touch of conjunctivitis since Friday night but continued reading and writing, not giving my eyes any rest. Since Saturday night they have been bad. Yet, I continued. Today, I dictated this poem to my daughter and hubby helped to format it. I am better but will rest my eyes for one more day. Please bear with me. Will resume reading and commenting from tomorrow evening.)