Love is a piece of cake

Walnut and rum cake

My love, my love for you is such
whatever I may say, it’s  never too much!
I have sung many paeans to our love in the past
’tis time to renew vows for our love unsurpassed!
If you remember, my love, we bonded over our love for cakes
you love to eat ’em, I love to bake!

Caramel custard

My love for you is as deep and luscious
as the deep caramel custard delicious
just as I get intoxicated looking into your bourbon eyes
a generous splash of rum in tiramisu induces your sighs
I love your feather touch kisses which skim my dainty fingertips
they remind me of the frothy as air meringue that I whip!


Summer, winter, autumn, come rain or hail
with your arms around me in the kitchen, my baking never fails
to use baking terms to measure my love for you
teaspoons, tablespoons and cups will never do
my love for  you is immeasurable like the grains of sugar sweet
you make me melt like butter, O my dessert treat!

Pecan cake

It is bake off time again on WordPress! This annual baking bonanza is held by Mel, Gary and Jeanne. You can read more about it here.

It is a great festival; vibrant and full of good music and yummy goodies! I love writing about it. You can read my poem about it in 2020 here and in 2019 here. Please join the fun.


Art and science

My friend, the fabulous Mel along with Gary and Jeanne had held the fantastic bake-off last year. I had written a fun poem about it. This year the bake-off is back, bigger and better as THE GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE-OFF 2020 SUMMER PICNIC ! To celebrate the festive like atmosphere, in these trying times, here is my verse!

‘It’s an art,’ she glowers
‘It is all science,’ he insists
I smack my head in exasperation,
(Secretly smiling at their joshing)
‘It is baking, plain and simple!’
My off-springs and me are stationed in the kitchen
After an afternoon of wrangling and arguments.

I am reluctant to pass the baton
But tired of their everyday demands
I decide to divulge some secrets
Of my much guarded weapon of satiation!
The man of the house hovers in the background
Curiosity in his eyes, a smirk on his face
He has been forbidden to enter
Lest he spoils the ambience for the baking class
( He is known to be irreverent and a smart alec!)
I measure everything deftly and precisely
Moving with practised ease
Asking them to mix and sieve
‘See the exactness!’ my son exclaims triumphantly
‘It is pure science!’
Once it is done to my nitpicking standards
I pour the batter in pans and place in the oven.

None of us very fond of icing
I have devised ingenious ways to keep moist my cakes
I boil sugar and water, adding this and that
Then pour it on the freshly baked beauties
With a twist of my wrist, I add
Sprinkles and choco chips straight from the jar
And a pretty pattern on the cake emerges
“See,” says the daughter smugly,
“This is pure art!”
Helping himself to a huge slice from the still warm cake
The man of the house breaks into a smile,
“This is pure mouth watering!”