Day 23 OctPoWriMo

Prompt: Gratitude

Form: La’libertas

Darkness, the candle in my heart
brightens the goodness around me
I surrender to its joyous glory
thankful for this mosaic art

for the dawn after the endless night
for the unseen friends who cheer along
for those moments of utter cowardice
for the ability to fall on my knees
for the abundance of sorrow in happiness
for that hidden reserve of can dos

When it’s difficult to just be
I watch myself falling apart
a helping hand helps me restart
I accept my faults grudgingly

Amid the gloom, bloom love and acceptance
hope thriving in the face of hatred
happiness refusing to back down
family and friends silently mouthing ‘I care’
these are enough to light my world
and my half filled cup runneth over.

वे रहीम नर धन्य हैं, पर उपकारी अंग ।
बांटन वारे को लगे, ज्यों मेंहदी को रंग ।।

(Rahim says just as the hands of the one who applies henna on others get coloured, similarly the one who is always ready to help others leads a blessed life.)


Day 22 OctPoWriMo

Prompt: Inspiration

Form: Acrostic

In shadows she lies today, curled like a tendril of fern

Nebulous, not affected by my predicament

Slinking sullenly to silence

Prevaricating when I need her the most, so

I carry on my own

Relying on my vivid imagination

Alleviate I will, this situation

Turning drab grey ideas to blue sparkling ones

Inking my lacklustre thoughts in fancy parlance

Obduracy, my hallmark

Never giving up, my motto!

Age, not a cage

Life kissed me long and deep
leaving a road map of experiences all along
you may call them wrinkles and lines but they are
ridges and furrows left in the wake of living to the fullest
butterfly kisses of a coddled, cloistered infancy
innocent, gentle pecks of carefree childhood
exciting, raging hormonal nips of tempestuous teenage
and then sometimes passionate, sometimes angry bites of adulthood!

Don’t for a moment think I am steeped in misery
because all you see is a crooked bag of bones
bent like the wishy-washy weeping willow
look at the twinkle as my eyes crinkle
my toothless smile a testimony to the knocks I knocked off
gracefully or otherwise!

Age is a raiding marauder
singing a ghostly song
silencing beauty and youth as it rampages
except, it can’t steal the joie de vivre of living
till death swiftly whisks me away.

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Ode to ooziness overload

Day 21 OctPoWriMo

Prompt: Taste

Form: Tongue twister type free verse

An explosion of taste, ecstasy in a globule
spicy, savoury, sour (some like it sweet) sensations
mouth watering, mouth numbing, mordant mishmash
wafer thin, crispy, delicately round
fried hollow wheat balls
stuffed with a smorgasbord of spiced potatoes and black gram
topped with tart, tangy, tamarind infused water
acrebic, acidic, acrid and astringent ambrosia
profusion of pulsating, piquant, punchy puchkas/panipuris
bursting with flavours in your mouth
a gastronomical gorging of gigantic proportion!

This is my ode to my favourite street food which due to the pandemic is an absolutel no go! Making it at home is just not a good enough substitute.

In various parts of the country (India) it is called gol gappe, puchka/fuchka, pani puri, pani batasha etc. To enjoy it you need a strong stomach and a love for spicy, sour food!

You can read more about it here.

The math of marriage

We were two points
journeying in linear lines
our planes intersected
changing the course of direction!

Though the plan was to run parallel happily
life keeps changing shapes and relative distance
so now, sometimes we run in concentric circles
at others we are diametrically opposite!

We have run the entire gamut from being right angled to obtuse
encompassing various degrees of latitude
thankfully, we have struck balance and now
we exist peacefully venn diagrammed!


Day 20 OctPoWriMo

Prompt: Touch

Form: Nove Otto

Delicately I run on your wrinkled skin my rough fingers
on your translucent skin my gaze too lingers
my emotions palpably raw and overwhelming
cradling tenderly your fuzz covered head close to chest
your petal soft cheeks I tentatively caress
your sweet breath gently my neck tickling
I dawdle over the silkiness of your dainty foot
marveling at the lace like lashes colour of soot
my eyes shimmer with joy, heart overflowing.

(This is not strictly Nove Otto form. I have stuck to the rhyme scheme but the syllable count has gone for a toss! And the post is obviously not about this adorable heart stealer.)


Day 19 OctPoWriMo

Prompt: Being in the Present

Form: Synchronicity

The sun seems shy behind the haze
birds chirrup in muted tones

Hurried mornings, wi fi playing truant
smoothing frayed nerves

Kitchen no longer a safe haven
no cravings, no urgings
lost taste

Exhausted afternoon sprawled on bed
hardihood slowly seeps through
tea break

Evenings no longer spent in front of the idiot box
with smooth talking scuttlebutt mongers

Twinkling street lights beaming invitation
fearful mind chides
mask up

~ ~. ~ ~. ~ ~. ~ ~. ~ ~

Eyes fixated on handheld flickering screen
ears turned towards door

Ringing phone at midnight shatters silence
longer wait for togetherness
that’s life


Day 18 OctPoWriMo

Prompt: Processing feelings/ relaxing

Form: Diatelle

the quill
gut you spill
blood on the page
quieten voices shrill
purging self of venom and rage
thus finally spent, heart and mind engage
to create a symphony of art that will click
rejuvenation process comes of age
a healing of heart one can guage
demeanour that is chilled
no more outrage
mind not ill
heart still

hug tightly
your aching self
banish dubiety
put all vexations on a shelf
inner peace scores over power and pelf
curl with a favourite book, bidding fears good bye
feel your being in warm words engulfed
worry is nothing but a skelf
Take it very lightly
float like an elf

Inside out

Day 16 OctPoWriMo

Prompt: Turning inside out or upside down

Form: Mirrored refrain

Today I stand here all bare like the season autumn
the indifferent opulence of loneliness makes me shake like a lonely leaf
removing each metaphor one by one under your gaze
sweetened with naivety of heart, salted with tears of relief

Life slips grain by grain through my fingers leaving them bruised
I keep falling on my shaking knees that invariably scrape and graze
sweetened with naivety of heart, salted with tears of relief
removing each metaphor one by one under your gaze

Tangerine brain a labyrinth where I lose one self to discover another self
dreams lie down the line curled under the fingernails in indigo grief
removing each metaphor one by one under your gaze
sweetened with naivety of heart, salted with tears of relief

Indents caused by harsh words stain my lips green
the world’s wintry gaze sets my repentant soul ablaze
sweetened with naivety of heart, salted with tears of relief
removing each metaphor one by one under your gaze

I hide no longer under the falling leaves of poems
like a rogue metronome playing to its own beat
removing each metaphor one by one under your gaze
sweetened with naivety of heart, salted with tears of relief.

(This one took a long time…phew!)

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