The crowd is always faceless

It becomes easier to merge in the crowd

Become one with the multitude

As a part of a mob you have no individual identity

Following others with herd mentality

Deaf to your own timid voice

Playing puppet to the one who pulls the strings

It is so easy to follow the lead and go with the flow

For under the cloak of anonymity

With conscience fast asleep

You can get away with almost anything

Yes, anything.

That is why it is difficult to stand solo

You are in the hot, glaring spotlight

You are singled out for your beliefs

For standing up for truth and probity

For daring to chart a lone path

When you stand forlorn, all alone

Yet, undaunted and firm

You are derided and crucified

You cease to be faceless.

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt “Identity” July 13, 2020

Rainbow- coloured maps

I know it too well

That promised journey

Flitting like a carefree butterfly

Across the expanse of globe

In this treacherous, grey and bleak scenario

To finally unite with you

Is not just improbable

But impossible too!

Yet who can understand

The ways of the gullible heart

The idiot plants an idea in the overzealous mind

That keeps checking the distance

On rainbow coloured maps!


Frozen moment

A snapshot of life in full glory of colours
stays encapsulated in the camera
frozen for the time being
as life fades into greys and blacks
drab shades of uncertain existence

the pace suddenly goes slack
the idyllic surroundings beckon
but eyes glide past, unfocussed
trivia occupying the turbulent mind
cofusion reigns!

the mighty changes unleashed so abruptly
getting entrenched in slow motion
life stands akimbo in a limbo
this genie refuses to be bottled again!


VJ’s Weekly Challenge #102: Pace

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt “Mighty”, June 29, 2020

A summer day

Taking halting baby steps

the day crawls at a laboured pace

sapped of energy, it barely breathes

sun’s wrath like fire in the sky

stripping it of its usual zest

the wind lies curled beneath a barren tree

looking for sanctuary amongst parched grass

the denuded earth, without its green canopy, sizzles

unable to regenerate itself enough

a few clouds rushing to escape the heat

moved by its pitiable state, shed a few tears

which are like the kiss of life

helping it to reach dusk before fading away

it will be back tomorrow, for that is its fate.

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt “Summer”, June 22, 2020


Finally! free from the drudgery

of cleaning, sweeping, swabbing,

doing utensils in four households

her heart exhilarated!

but loss of monetary independence

now dependence on dwindling doles

perturbations pained her mind!

The thing that bothered her most

a housemaid for the menial chores

lockdown gave her the chance

to break this last shackle of injustice!

but mired in all the chores from morn till night

she wonders

where her “own” independence has disappeared!



Mostly, I like my words naked,

plain and simple

sometimes straight shooting,

raw and palpable

at others sharp and jabbing words

with their asperous edges

leaving blisters on my palms and fingers

hot-headed words, scalding my tongue

but the feeling in my bones is indescribable!

Oft there are days when I have to eat them

the lacerations on my throat then

leave me abstaining for days!

thus I shun bitter, acidic words

letting them stew in their juices

just to make them more palatable.

I do dress them prettily in metaphors too

to preen and please and garner some applause

also sometimes in malaphors to generate weak laughs

usually poking fun at self

which leaves my ribs a bit sore.

I hide behind obscurity too

for sometimes their forwardness

startles and baffles me

I fear then, I give away too much of me!

I paint surreal images too

but the orange pain that warms my skin

prefers not to hide behind lace-like layers

that tries to curtain it

thus leaving me exposed.

leaving them hanging in air does not help

they follow me like question marks

demanding to be articulated

playing with words all the time,

I become a plaything for them.

Driving ms. uncertainty

Though I still seem to be in the driver’s seat

alas! the controls have been wrested from me

lurching jerkily forward into the ominous darkness

the unknown road is uneven and untrod

striking fear in my faint heart

the rearview mirror shows blurred and murky images

I know not what I see

in a daze I watch time whizzing past

swallowing all memories in its wake

however hard I try, I am unable to apply the brakes

I want to pause, take stock, think and catch my shallow breath

the uncertainty sitting with certainty just above the edge

terrifies and troubles me

but inexorably, we keep moving ahead

who knows if we will reach an enchanted land

where everything will be alright

where butterflies with glowing wings

and blue tipped flickering moonbeams

will dance with delight

or a tenbrous abyss will gulp us down

annihilating us forever

cloistered mind can almost lose

the thread of maturity and sanity

swinging from being pensive to exuberant

but curiousity gets the better of me

I am ready for this ride till the end.https://lifeafter50forwomen.com/2020/06/15/what-do-you-see-34-15-june-2020/https://onewomansquest.org/2020/06/15/vjs-weekly-challenge-100-pause/