Blood Moon

When the moon’s light was cut off

Then she in a fit of pique

Forgot the sage advice

Of new beginnings

And starting with a clean slate

But stubbornly held guilty the earth

For eclipsing her serenity

And thus turned bloody with rage.


Solitary Road

A couple of days ago Sadje of Keep it Alive had tagged me for a story telling challenge in response to the photo given above. I have written a poem instead of a story.

Ravaged and savaged by the harsh nature

She had no will to stay a moment longer

Despite his best efforts, her grandfather had failed

To salvage the crop he had so lovingly sown

Unable to take this failure in his stride

He had in frustration ended his own life

The village, an integral part of her growing up

Had now no place in her broken heart

She had lost her parents here to a devastating fire

And now as dark clouds gathered in distant skies

She had packed her sparse belongings

And set off forlornly without a backward glance

She had no idea where her feet would take her

Or what she would do

Anything and anywhere, far from this place

That now signified only death and untold sorrow.