Peace offering

I come to you in peace

I know I have been insufferable recently

Belligerent and cagey

With an overweening urge

To be in the driver’s seat

But if we want to build this relationship

I know there should be

Some semblance of equality

For two hearts that beat as one, can only thrive

When both have enough space to grow.



It had started as a play

She wanted to see how far she could go

One gash on the index finger

Tiny beads of blood stood out

She watched fascinated

A gash on the forearm

And blood spurted out

There was slight discomfort

But the eruption excited her

Filling her with strange elation

She continued carving motifs on her skin

Feeling weak but intoxicated

Fresh blood had this effect on her

Finally she slumped on the floor

Knife still in her hand

They found her putrescent body

A week later

For she lived alone

No family, nor any friendship

Mourned by none.


The theater of life never halts, never ceases

No curtain calls for the entire cast

No script, no rehearsals

You improvise along the way

Being inspired and inspiring others

Learning on the job, learning from mistakes

There is no dedicated audience

But you are being scrutinized all the time

As long as you are in the limelight

Enjoy your role, however miniscule it is

For you never know when you will fade away.


We were this close

almost within

touching distance

The passion

burning bright

within you

seared me

Taking risks

never my forte

I let go of you

pulled my hand back

Steadying my heart

with your thoughts

held ever so lovingly

Knowing the futility

of continuing

but there are days

I am brave

I look at my singed fingers

and wonder

How it would be to

play with fire?

Sensual Aftermath – A Renga

After our first wonderful collaboration, here is the second one. Earlier we were three, now we are six…growing strength to strength! Thank you Irma for the wonderful commentary, Gina for fine editing, Jenna for the artwork, Mich for the bang at the end and Kate for getting the ball rolling!!

I Do Run

A Writers Anonymous Collaboration

Wherever I go

Old melody of our hearts

Murmurs autumn hymn

The songs we heard and we sang

Break my heart and cause a pang

Once soft, sweet whispers

Like spring, holding me in thrall

Now silent, your voice

Our song is played everywhere

My heart is sore with despair.

We stayed up all night

Talking like we loved to do

Then knowing crept in

Things would never be the same

I miss our forgotten flame

View of broad shoulders

Really gets my heart pumping

But you are long gone

Your absence brings so much pain

I long to spot you again

Rough stubble chin rubbed

My butter soft skin, blushed

A forgotten summer

Saturated throbbing aches,

Now my untouched body shakes

Laundered love flying

Our gathered smells, on the line

Blow the funk away

Forgotten shirt, traitor nose

Exhale! Let it decompose!

Coffee, steaming black

Inhaled with cold winter pine

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