Dear Mom (a quadrille)

I am me but also your reflection
forever your shadow
mimicking your actions

then one day, will come into my own

and be shadowed by my reflection
the same love mirrored
in two pairs of brown eyes

life is all about mirrors and shadows.

Written for dVerse quadrille Monday and Sadje’s wdys. Today’s host, Merril, asks us to write a quadrille of exactly 44 words and include the word mirror or its other forms in it.


38 thoughts on “Dear Mom (a quadrille)

  1. A beautiful love-filled quadrille, Punam. I think we see one or the other of our parents in our own mirror image from time to time, although as I get older, I see my mother and my grandmother staring back at me most days, as conveyed in your opening line.


  2. We look at reflections
    And say, “that is me”
    And “mirrors don’t lie”
    That’s the way it must be
    A neck that is sagging
    A nose that is fat
    And those imperfections
    Are what others must see
    There is no compassion
    Forgiveness of that


  3. So beautifully written Punam. Love is an ongoing emotion, transferred from one generation to the next. Love this poem. Thanks for joining in.


  4. Happy mothers day Punam …
    “Mothers (a Tanka)”

    Happy Mothers Day
    The queens of my universe
    Your stars light my sky
    Every day and every night
    On my bended knees, I stay


  5. life is all about
    mirrors and shadows.

    How true it is Punam! More so when the pair of brown eyes belong to a mother and child!



  6. Nice, Punam. Yes, kids do pick up the ways of the parents. After a time, when the conscious rebellion stage is over. Mom was okay after all.

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  7. Nature and nurture… These mirrors are inside us as well. That said, every single moment we live moulds us in a manner entirely unique. We are in Time’s shadow.


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