Hope is…

Pic courtesy Actively Learn

Hope is a bereaved tramp
trampled every day
but carrying on nonetheless

Hope is a soggy paper
lying listless, limp
waiting for the sun to make it fly

Hope is a frantic afterthought
that slowly arises from
the ashes of pugnacious practicality

Hope is a cumbersome yoke
that sits stoically
on fragile, lonely shoulders

Hope is a homeless vagabond
roaming wide-eyed around
in search of a homing heart

Hope is a zealous zephyr
never zinging
singing softly a soulful song 

Hope is an iron locket
that hangs heavy
keeping the depressed neck upright

Hope is a square bubble
trying always to fit
into a round hole without bursting

Hope is a bird on hiatus
lost and tired
but striving to turn up one day.

Written for David’s W3 where POW, Kerfe, has asked us to begin our poem with “Hope is…” I have also used words from Kerfe’s random word generator.

Also written for Eugi’s moonwashed weekly prompt and Jim’s Thursday inspiration.

Sharing at dVerse OLN.


59 thoughts on “Hope is…

  1. Hope is beautiful Punam!! 🙂 I invite you to come read my OLN offering tonight on my site — and to experience my wife Kathy’s profound love affair with nature, which is currently hampered by her newly discovered cancer. She goes into the UW Fred Hutch Cancer Center April 22nd for a multi-hour regimen of robotics surgery on her neck and throat area. Post Op will put her in ICU for Four days. Please keep Kathy, my love, in your thoughts. Thank you… ✌🏼🕊🫶🏼❣️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Rob, sending you and Kathy hugs and healing prayers. She will be in my thoughts and you too, my friend. Be strong, she will need to see your smiling face when she comes out of ICU.
      Thanks so much for taking out time to read. Sending you lots of love.


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