Pretty Perilla

Pic : my own

You arrived uninvited, rising from rot
peacefully poised in the prettiest pot
a serene squatter staking a claim
on homely basil, tomatoes and curry leaves’ terrain
rising defiantly, daring me to uproot and hoe

The wind, the rain and the sun wholeheartedly embrace
and are not unfair. I am no arbitrator of anyone’s fate
my four by eight balcony certainly has space
for anyone to grow n propagate
I salute your sassy salient strength.

Written for dVerse poetics. Today’s host, Sarah, invites us to write about weeds.


59 thoughts on “Pretty Perilla

  1. I love the alliterative title, Punam, and your photo that illustrates your poem and introduces me to an unfamiliar plant. The rhyme scheme stood out for me, as well as the phrases ‘peacefully poised in the prettiest pot’ and ‘serene squatter’.

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  2. Erogratis Tenella

    Weed do what
    But invite curiosity
    About your contribution
    To eco systems and life itself.
    A sneeze to give brief pleasure?
    An aroma that encourages a trek through unknown fields?
    A dare to touch thorny stems and soft petals?
    Yes, that is what weeds do.
    Invaluable things.
    I can feel my own weediness inside
    As I explore this world.

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  3. good one sis, that’s how I talk to the freeloaders who invade my lovely lil cottage … grubby ants and cockies! I don’t like sharing but what to do, I evict them if I can catch them 🙂

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      1. lol we’ve all had a major invasion recently, they are great alerts for storm coming … it did and they’ve gone again. Can’t blame them for a need to survive 🙂

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  4. My fav part – I am no arbitrator of anyone’s fate
    you may have a four by eight balcony (which also has space) but your heart has endless space 🙂
    Love you loads!

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  5. How delightful, Punam! Nice photo, I enjoyed the alliteration! ❤

    For me, the line between weeds and wildflowers blurs considerably. When I lived in DC, I planted herbs on the balcony. The birds loved them. They left nothing for us! 🙂

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