Echoes of pain

A confrontation
is a bottomless abyss
unwelcome ripples

anguish reverbrates
waves of anger wash over
close eyes to forget

tracing name on heart
rapier sharp memories
draw not blood but soul

Written for Sadje’s wdys.


22 thoughts on “Echoes of pain

  1. Confrontation, may be, painful or hurtful, but it beats, taking everything in, and NOT saying a word, that’ll cause, a whole lot of damages comparing to confronting someone for something wrong that s/he had done.

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  2. Punam, You have captured the pain of confrontation. Confrontation is the last resort after the peaceful exchange of opinions and perspective have failed. Still, it is better than a build-up of resentment.


  3. Confrontation is truly unwelcomed but needed at times. The outcome in some cases clears up misunderstandings. Nicely done!


  4. a very profound insight sis … wishing you and yours seasonal greeting and all the best for 2023! May good health and continuing creativity ooze from every pore πŸ™‚


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