Heart made fast

The sea serenades sweetly from dusk to dawn
changing colours following the footsteps
of a radiant sun and luminous moon. I am drawn
to the portal promising a life of adventure
the ebb and the flow, the waves calling
calling to be conquered, to be won
a quest that ignites a fire in my chest
I taste its sweet brackishness in my dreams

and yet…
my heart sings soulfully a homely tune
mooring my wandering, restless thoughts
my arms ache for warm embraces,
my eyes tear up for beloved faces
my steps turn homeward of their own volition
the truth of my existence lightens my being
some questions have no answers
and some answers are not worth seeking.

Written for dVerse MTB. Today’s host, Grace, has asked us to try our hand at Zen poetry.

Also responding to Sadje’s wdys.


46 thoughts on “Heart made fast

  1. I agree with the previous comments. This is a lovely meander, like the moon moving across the sky. And a great final couplet. I wonder if it wouldn’t be worth reducing the rest of the poem into a very short, wistful ponder, with those lines as the enigmatic answer, to give them even more impact.

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  2. I admire the contrast of the sense of adventure of the first stanza, with the homeward thoughts of the second stanza. Beautifully weaved, with the 2 ending lines giving food for thought. Wishing you a good break and Happy New Year!!!!

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