(From Cooking Light)

Winter time
pickling greens and roots
freshness and
for long-lasting endurance 
main ingredients

Wash, pat dry
then trim chop and cut
let them bask,
sun and shrink
gently rub with seasoning
let steep in the brine

for a week or two
sweating then
plumping up
in own juices with spices
sweet, sour, savoury

Tart flavours
a firm favourite
lip-smacking taste enhancers
my soul a-tingle

Piquant notes
palate a-tickle
dance merrily on my tongue
am satiated

Utter bliss
tingling tanginess
a gustatory gala
so gratifying

Tart flavours
Palate a-tickle
A gustatory gala
Am satiated

(From Vogue India)

Written for David’s W3. POW Sylvia says:

  • Write a shadorma, up to seven stanzas long;
  • Topic: Favorite food/s to prepare and/or eat

60 thoughts on “Pickle-tickle

      1. In summers it is raw mangoes for us! Last year I had pickled cabbage after Ingrid shared the recipe for a jota soup made with sauerkraut. This year I am trying my hand at kimchi! 😊

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  1. Wow, it sounds delicious how you wrote this…I can feel the sensations with my eyes and thoughts. Sounds yummy.😋 But, I also might be hungry.


  2. I’ve yet to do a 7 stanza shadorma like this, Punam, but since seeing one similar to this on Sylvia’s blog, I’ve been meaning to try!

    You made this so appealing – in all ways!


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