Is the end a new beginning!

At the promise of spring
the schooner is finally set to sail
’tis better not to kvetch

Soul sisters share stories at night
doing mother’s will
Winning battles their way

With me, you better tread with caution
as passion often incites treason
bubbling and frothing to putrid death

I do have a yen for the luxury of anonymity
with appreciation, this heart does beam
keeping me warm and safe.

Written for dVerse poetics. Today’s host, Laura, has asked us to use the last lines of twelve of our recent poems to write a new poem.

68 thoughts on “Is the end a new beginning!

  1. Oh, this is lovely, Punam! Seamless and with such surprising turns of phrase 🙂 Love these:

    “’tis better not to kvetch”

    “bubbling and frothing to putrid death”

    “I do have a yen for the luxury of anonymity”

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  2. Your individual stanzas make startling small poems. I love that second one particularly. Your poem makes me think it would make a good cadralor if you added a fifth stanza that pulled all the others together, giving a meaning to the whole.

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  3. Oh my goodness this is a wonderful result of your end lines. I love the way the tone of voice begins with a subtle tone, setting up the journey and then surprisingly grows in attitude….a bit cheeky.

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