Feeling fuzzy ( a quadrille)

(From Bright Side)

When dark wintry thoughts plague
I snuggle into your comforting words
to feel sanity restored

The quilt of your reassuring words
is enough to keep me cosy
during harsh cold nights

Your forever loving embrace
is the talisman that always
keeps me warm and safe.

Written for dVerse. Today’s host, Li, has asked ust write a quadrille including the word “warm“.


55 thoughts on “Feeling fuzzy ( a quadrille)

  1. Fallen Oak

    Split now two years
    Left a pile behind the shed
    Layered then with Fall leaves and Winter snow
    Each floating silently to the perfect place
    I always go when sundown comes at four and the dogs sniff the cold ashes
    Saying โ€œMake it warm.โ€

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  2. Punam, I love the idea of affection and support being a talisman of warmth and safety โค

    P.S. Will you please check your link at Mr. Linky? It goes to the main prompt at dVerse instead of your poem.

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      1. Punam, I just checked the new link you linked up with and sadly it did not work again. That said, I took it upon myself to link you up. Your poem is now linked at #40.

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  3. Yes, I haven’t seen love used as a metaphorical talisman before . . . definitely works in your imaginative, “warming” poem

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