Why doesn’t it suffice?

Two letters
One word
A complete sentence
A “NO” needs no suffix
No prefix
No explanation.
A no is a no is a no
Get it !!!

Written for dVerse poetics. Today’s host, Sarah, says:

As we’re here, in mid- November, I thought it might be fun to pay tribute to Thomas Hood’s poem. Just in case I get a resounding “no” from you, here are some options:

1. You could take a line from this poem and use it as springboard for a new poem. Golden shovel it, or use it as the first line – or even the title.

2. Just say no. There’s something you want to take a stand against, something you want to stand up and say “NO!” to. Maybe it’s pollution or global warming, or something political, or the way your next door neighbour plays prog rock at full blast at 3am. Whatever it is, get it out of your system and into a poem!

(I’ve gone with the 2nd option.)

My husband is home after sailing for six months. As a result my writing and reading will be a bit more erratic and sporadic than before. Please bear with me.


58 thoughts on “Why doesn’t it suffice?

      1. It must be. It was strange for me to have my husband gone for just a few days before Thanksgiving when he was caring for his mom.I’m glad he’s back home–hopefully for a while. 😊


  1. Why is it so difficult for some to understand those two letters, one word? (Rhetorical question.) You made it very clear here, Punam. (Would like to see this printed on a card that people can haul out and give to those who are unclear on the concept.)

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