He stood there hands folded

Head bowed reverentially

Eyes closed devoutly

Lips murmuring an incantation.

He was his first

And the last resort

He had always turned to him

In good times

As well as bad.

He was the praying sort

Had always been.

His prayers were oft not heard

But his faith was unshakable

Today of all days

He needed intervention the most

It was a matter of life and death

But there was only inscrutable, godly silence

Like always.

Written for Sadje’s wdys.

51 thoughts on “Inscrutable

  1. The prayers, usually don’t get answered, and that made us, question the, existence of, that, higher, power, which in turn, leads us to, look, inward, and that’s where, we are to, discover, the strength, we have, to, tackle whatever issues we’re, facing in our, lives

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  2. I did not like the lines from my mother’s daily prayers sung loud, to the effect that ‘I’m weak and look up to you for deliverance.” I think daily words like these weaken the will. But to each her own. Maybe she derived strength from it.

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  3. I think that the true magic of prayer is that it calms the mind. Whenever I recite the rosary, I come out thinking clearer and quite refreshed. It’s like meditation, and encourages actions.

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  4. When I think of some prayers I sometimes think of this story;
    There was a flood. Everyone was warned to evacuate.
    One man did not want to leave his home.
    Firetrucks came down the street with bull horns – “Evacuate, Now!”
    He would not leave.
    The streets flooded. A resucue boat came by, he waved them away.
    Soon he was on the roof of his home… A helicopter tried a resuce –
    He would not leave.
    He died.
    When he got to heaven he complained I prayed to be saved! Where was God??… A booming voice repliled; “I sent a firetruck telling you to leave, I sent a rescue boat, then a helicopter … what more did you want???”

    Sometimes we need to help ourselves by seeing what is right there in front of our eyes. Not everything is hidden.

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      1. Perhaps in helping ourselves we are already using divine intervention (by listening to our intution… which some believe is a divine gift) …if that is what we wish to believe 🙂


  5. ouch I can relate to this … it’s called karma 🙂

    Praying for others sure alleviates our worry, group prayers can be powerful but the more selfish kind are seldom answered …

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