When right is wrong

Leaning too far right makes them maniacal
everything is either black or white
they are impervious to the greys
with scant regard for inclusivity.

Their brain goes through a change that is chemical
irreversible is the damage done
common sense it, for sure, waylays
replacing it with typical perversity.

Quizzical looks don’t affect their hides political
they brand others as anti-state
erratic, jumbled and bitter their ways
what do they know of diversity!

lackadaisical in work but their beliefs fanatical
with them around doomsday is neigh and everyone pays.

Written for dVerse MTB. Today’s host, Björn, has invited us to try our hand at a new poetic form bref double. The rhyme scheme can be


I have followed the former. Check the site for more details.

I have used words from Jane’s random word generator.


54 thoughts on “When right is wrong

  1. Something about the form brings out the “political” in many of us. Your rhyme scheme was diverse and creative; I applaud it. 4 days until our mid-term elections, over 300 election deniers on the ballot. I fear the worst–when the inmates will rule the asylum.

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  2. Admiring how you can send that strong political message in the form. They sure are a close minded group, not embracing diversity and throwing out common decency.

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  3. That last couplet really sums it up.
    You made this form work so well. I’m still struggling with mine (using Jane’s words also)–it may or may not get finished, but the tone is similar–perhaps you’ve said all that needs be said. (K)


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