Revisiting (a quadrille)

The garish red-pink paint
covering familiar grey stucco quaint
gone the banyan; our silent lunch mate
that stood near the gate
unknown faces in the library ( my shrine)
my school, no longer seemed mine
but when the bell rang
my poor smote heart sang!

Written for dVerse. Today’s host, Kim, has asked us to write a quadrille including the word bell in it.


61 thoughts on “Revisiting (a quadrille)

  1. The rhyming couplets are so fitting for your quadrille, Punam, and the way you describe the ‘garish red-pink paint / covering familiar grey stucco quaint’. I wonder where the banyan went, such a shame when familiar things change. I remember revisiting my old school and the shock at the changes to the library, my sanctuary.

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  2. How so nostalgic Punam, Ma’am! Hank had the same feelings when passing by the old school building site even though it has somehow now transformed to modern structures!


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  3. Time and people make changes. Our minds may or may not accept those changes. Or just partly.
    People change over time, our minds might reject those even if it’s been company with the newer version.
    Glad I read yours, thank you.

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