Fate, the superior lass(es)!

Three sisters of Fate by Sushrita Bhattacharjee

If only it were possible to earn
even a shred of pittance at a time
for when I think I have an upper hand
she smirks and puts me two steps back

spent spring unaware of her designs
all summer railed against her biases
as autumn approaches, I am much resigned
I’ll do me, she’ll do her; till winter arrives.

Written for David’s W3 to Steven’s prompt and Eugi’s moonwashed weekly challenge.

Steven has asked us to respond to ‘Superiority of fate’ by Emily Dickinson.

‘Superiority to Fate’

Superiority of fate
Is difficult to gain
’Tis not conferred of Any But possible to earn

A pittance at a time
Until to Her surprise
The Soul with strict economy
Subsist till Paradise.


40 thoughts on “Fate, the superior lass(es)!

  1. Very deep, Punam. Fate is dealing some very heavy hands of late. Hopefully we all come out of this stronger. It does feel dier of late.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi David! Thanks for letting me know. This week has been very hectic, I haven’t responded to a single challenge! 😅 Lesley’s guidelines won’t let me combine all the prompts. 😆
      But I promise to give it a shot as soon as possible. ❤️


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