Murmuration by Lee Madgwick

Lying supine
a tiny, niggling, not-so-good thought
waits for darkness to descend
then like a magnet
attracts many more
coming in droves
all flocking my mind

soft murmurs turning cacophonous
tumbling, jumbling, shrieking
moving at lightning speed
traversing my mindscape
finding gaps, filling niches,
overwhelming my being
making my head throb

then finally tired of chasing themselves
they depart
leaving behind an empty shell
denuded, deprived, distressed.

Written for dVerse poetics. Today’s host, Sarah, has asked us to write an ekphrastic based on Lee Madgwick’s artwork shared.


About loving and living

From Freepik

It alights lightly, fluttering softly, leaving goosebumps, then you become aware of it when your heart is all aflutter, beating to a primordial song, awash in indescribable emotions, blood afire in your veins, your soul lit with the luminosity of pure joy; at once divine and carnal and there is no need to shout from the rooftops, for love like fragrance cannot be hidden. And yet, life is about living, not regretting so it is always better to proclaim.

Written for dVerse MTB. Today’s host, Björn, has asked us to get aphoristic. You can read about it here.

Also for David’s W3, where Britta (POW) has asked us write a prose poem on love.


From Pixabay

The scintilla of doubt
that wormed its way into your mind
if only it were aliferous!
alas! it has sowed a seed of suspicion

I see the crease of frown on your forehead
as you slip uneasily into dormiveglia
I hear the susurration of your brain
as it wrests with your heart

my defence is bare truth
which may sound unbelievable
but I can’t utter gilded lies.

Written for dVerse poetics. Today’s host, Mish, has challenged us to use some uncommon words. You can read more about it here.

Also for Eugi’s moonwashed weekly challenge.

Labour of love (a quadrille)

Pic taken by me

Many hands toiling behind the scenes
to smooth all creases
many hours spent slogging over details
to make a beautiful experience
many miles travelled
to bless and celebrate
marriages may be made in heaven but
require a lot of effort to work on earth.

Written for dVerse. Today’s host, Li, has asked us to write a quadrille including the world work in it.

It has been a hectic two days, travelling to and fro to attend a wedding in the family. We are on our way back home and I have written this sitting in the back seat.

The evil we do

Photo by Steven Wallace

Bare and naked it stands
brown, brittle bark
barren, leafless branches
your toxicity torched it
once vivacious now vanquished
once stately now withered
it waits forlornly to be axed
I feel guilty when I look at it
for I killed it too; unintentionally.
yet, I feel like a murderer
no different than you

No, I did not immerse your ashes as is the custom
I did not want to pollute the holy waters
I did not scatter your ashes on the ground
the thought of the earth being blighted
smote my heart
I did not disperse your ashes in the air
how could I sully further the already sullied
I thought I was being wise
when I buried your ashes deep
under the ground in a cemetery
but your venom seeped into the soil
this tree, a dying declaration
that evil cannot be interred with bones.

Written for David’s W3 and Eugi’s moonwashed weekly challange.