Questionable exclamation

You stand suspended as sentence stopper
slender and straight, with feet in limbo
your citrusy blue tint makes me stutter
your curled and curved cousin stands just so
his sour face blinks at me amber-ly bright
waylaid by your huey presence grand
my words splutter and stop at your sight
leaving me with the mouthfeel of sand.

Written for David’s W3 to Val’s prompt.


40 thoughts on “Questionable exclamation

  1. Punam, this is so very exciting to read. I’m thrilled you joined in. I can commiserate as there are several words that “feel like sand” in my mouth! Fortunately it isn’t punctuation that is the culprit. (sgraffito is one of the worst offenders)

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    1. Val, thanks so much! I enjoyed the form but not being a synesthete, I did struggle a bit but the colours and the sand part is true.
      Terrific prompt, I must say..โค๏ธ


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