The evil we do

Photo by Steven Wallace

Bare and naked it stands
brown, brittle bark
barren, leafless branches
your toxicity torched it
once vivacious now vanquished
once stately now withered
it waits forlornly to be axed
I feel guilty when I look at it
for I killed it too; unintentionally.
yet, I feel like a murderer
no different than you

No, I did not immerse your ashes as is the custom
I did not want to pollute the holy waters
I did not scatter your ashes on the ground
the thought of the earth being blighted
smote my heart
I did not disperse your ashes in the air
how could I sully further the already sullied
I thought I was being wise
when I buried your ashes deep
under the ground in a cemetery
but your venom seeped into the soil
this tree, a dying declaration
that evil cannot be interred with bones.

Written for David’s W3 and Eugi’s moonwashed weekly challange.

45 thoughts on “The evil we do

  1. Haunting. Frightening. This sounds like the preface to a horror novel. Must’ve been a nasty dude to kill my tree!!

    Thank you! Hope you enjoyed the project!—SSW


    1. When I looked at the pic, all I could do was think of that tree and ehy it was like that while others were flourishing.
      So I had to create a very nasty person.
      I enjoyed the challenge, Steven, thank you for your feedback. Much appreciated.


  2. An Alternative Verse One

    Unclothed and vulnerable it stands
    No mask to draw attention
    This is where I belong
    Wanting to be as I want
    Once blind and now healed
    Once false and now true
    There is no future now
    There is no blame or fault
    This too is life unseen
    Control is an illusion
    No different than you


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