Choices or not!

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The colour of my skin
The country of my origin
My sex and my parentage
My name and my heritage
Of these I did not get to choose any
Nor did others in this unfair journey.

I am from the land rooted in the belief of karma
Where we are taught to follow our dharma
But if everything is predestined
Should we then our preference rescind?
Then why are there options to make a choice
Should we then ignore our gut’s voice?

Since I can think, my choices I do exercise
Others may concur or decide to criticise
There are always many options to choose from
Our choice will decide our future’s outcome
Alas! If only it were so simple and plain
Yet I stand by my choices and don’t complain.

Written for dVerse poetics. Today’s guest host, Christopher, has asked us to write on the concept of choice.


71 thoughts on “Choices or not!

    1. Thanks, Christopher. It was a great prompt and honestly we were spoilt for choice! πŸ™‚

      I know! πŸ˜”It was around 1.30 am and I was sleepy. It is the lame truth. I have corrected it now. 😊

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  1. I love that you started with where and who you are – land rooted in the belief of karma. These are things we are born with, and yet, we can make a choice given the situation. It is not easy and if we must make a choice, we need to stand by them.

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  2. Since I can think, my choices I do exercise – So much power and hope in these lines. I think it’s possible to rise above ‘fate.’ As human beings we can and should choose. Great poem Punam.

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  3. You really bring out your inner turmoil well, with regard to choice. Sometimes, I believe that free will reigns supreme (which is why everything is in such a mess), and sometimes some events make me feel that fate plays a big hand in our world. Lovely poem, Punam.

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  4. Like Grace, I love that you started with where and who you are, the things we are born with, and progressed through your poem, through the belief of karma and predestination, to the independence of choice in the line β€˜Since I can think, my choices I do exercise’. It takes a strong person to stand by their choices and not complain. Well said, Punam!

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  5. we have choices. We always stand by our choices, understanding that it never ends there. More will follow.
    And on those times we do not get to determine a choice, we hope we can accept what cannot be changed.
    Thanks for writing this. Lovely.

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  6. I don’t follow the logic of the belief that we have choices (because free will) but God already knows what we will choose (because omniscient) and if that choice is to destroy humanity God won’t lift a little finger (because free will) but will cast the mecreant into eternal damnation for exercising the free will that God gave us, knowing full well (because omniscient) what the outcome would be.

    Just one adjustment I’d make. The third line should really read ‘My sex and my parentage’. We can’t choose our sex, we have it from conception, but there are (so we’re told) an infinite number of genders to choose from.

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      1. I don’t understand how any critical thinker could fall for it, but maybe it’s the critical thinker part that poses problem.
        Sex/gender is a sensitive issue for some people. Critical thinking problem again.

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      2. I didn’t mean you were insensitive, I’ve never known you to utter an insensitive word! I just meant that it gets some people wound up.
        Hurting people’s feelings should never be a reason for not speaking the truth.

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  7. There is much we can’t choose. (Having a child who is non-binary, I’d agree with Jane about choosing gender.) But we have minds, and we can choose much about our lives.
    Well expressed, Punam!

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  8. It’s a conundrum. Yet I do think all-that-is is the way it is supposed to be, even our decisions. It’s impossible to conceive as being that way but it is beyond conception.

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  9. I have to say I missed the whole issue with the 3rd line for whatever it’s worth. It went right over my head Punam but it did reach my heart and I do agree that it can be a conundrum. I always believe in following our gut at the expense of outcome. Nicely done!


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