Daily grind/Blessed routine

From Facebook

Bleary mornings begin with chasing buses
Kitchen calisthenics to beat all the clocks
Trying to meet deadlines and accomplish jobs
Ploughing through each day my poor inner child
Trudging doggedly to complete dull chores
Often running in circles and back/forth.

But what keeps me going is adrenaline pump-
-ing and the pragmatic me
My glass never half empty but always half full
I rely on the high of
this gift called life, and not alcohol
Though I do need my cuppas of caffeine
I try to embrace challanges with equanimity and courage.

Written for David’s W3. The challenge is to write a golden shovel based on David’s winning entry.

I selected the following lines:

Buses; clocks; jobs; child; chores; back|forth
Pump me full of alcohol, caffeine, courage

31 thoughts on “Daily grind/Blessed routine

  1. I always thought you’d be a glass half full kind of gal! Sometimes it feels like a grind, but routine, I think, is a blessing, so we can enjoy the twists and surprises!


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